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About ASOS:-

“We focus on fashion as a force for good, inspiring young people to express their best selves and achieve amazing things. We believe fashion thrives on individuality and should be fun for everyone.”

Asos (originally AsSeenOnScreen) is a global fashion destination for 20-somethings. They sell cutting-edge fashion and offer a wide variety of fashion-related content, making ASOS.com the hub of a thriving fashion community.
They sell over 80,000 branded and own-brand products, delivering to almost every country in the world (over 140).

You might wonder what their name means or where it comes from. Asos was launched in 2000 with the idea of starting an internet business where people could find clothes or accessories they had seen celebs wearing. Hence the moniker - AsSeenOnScreen.
They soon outgrew this narrow channel of providing trendy, eye-catching wearables to folks and started partnering with popular brands and designing in-house clothes to give customers a holistic experience. They are more #AsSeenOnMe now.

Their ABC philosophy:-

The ASOS team are Authentic, Brave & Creative to the core

* They offer products that scream the quality and trust that comes with the Asos name
* They create and curate the most relevant fashion, face + body products
* They always look through the customers’ eyes
* They’re restless, turning left when others turn right
* They’re inclusive and bring people together
* They have fun along the way

Corporate Responsibility:-

“I’m committed to ASOS transforming how fashion impacts on people and our planet. We can do this if we’re determined enough, work together, make brave decisions and continue to be open and honest about what needs to be done.”
-Nick Beighton, CEO, ASOS

Fashion is one of the top five polluting industries on the planet. With profit comes responsibility, so they’re playing their part in lessening fashion’s impact. The beauty of their size and success is that they allow them to lead and influence how the industry works. They’re setting some ambitious targets in this area – and bringing partners along with them on the journey. Their business model and culture fuel their sustainable growth – and create a unique experience for the customers.

Here are a few milestones they have achieved/aim to achieve:-
* 15% reduction of carbon, water and waste footprint of ASOS clothing by 2020
* 352 tonnes = The amount of cardboard recycled at their returns reprocessing site between September 2016 and August 2017
* About a £100,000 donated to charity and employment accessibility programmes
* 3,253 = Number of hours ASOS employees volunteered between September 2016 and August 2017

They're serious about achieving growth, but they’re as serious about doing it in a way that adds social value and reduces environmental impact. As an online fashion destination, they’re international in every sense of the word, from the warehouses they ship from to the offices they sit in. Carbon emissions from customer deliveries and running the buildings, as well as the waste created by packaging, are the main business areas they’re always working to improve.

We at Woocoupons endeavour to help Asos reduce the environmental hazards intrinsically caused by the fashion industry while providing the best Asos coupons/offers/deals to help revamp your wardrobe without breaking the bank :)


About Asos

The definition of “asos.com” would be “a one stop-shop for purchasing quality international goods from clothing to footwear, accessories to activewear, face&body care products to assorted collection of gifts, for both men and women”.
Asos.com, arguably the biggest online international shipping retailer (products reaching over 140 countries) has already resonated with several Indian millennial hearts and has rightly become their go-to store for international apparel and accessories shopping.
The contemporary, chic, trendsetting clothing in vogue they offer will compel anyone to look twice at your dress in envious wonder and can’t help but ask where you got it from.
Asos is a classic example of “you get what you pay for”. Many other international shopping retailers provide cheap prices but that is directly indicative of the quality of those products, which you can guess is not that great.
At Asos, the emphasis is given on quality more than bargain. That being said, they do offer great discounts and coupons all year round.

Pros about shopping at ASOS.com:-

• Free Shipping - One of the extremely few international shopping retailers that offer free shipping internationally without any minimum purchase price. What more could a shopaholic ask for?
• Sizes for All - Maternity, Petite, Tall or Plus Size
• Great Interface, superb Quality & wide Variety - Through their smooth running, eye-pleasing website they offer products from over 850 brands as well as their own in-house asos brand. You’ll get tired of browsing the trendy wares they have on display but their chic collection won’t end!
• Fast Delivery - Asos also boasts one of the fastest overseas shipping time. Few of its competitors are nearly as efficient.
• Regular Asos discounts, offers and deals - available throughtout all seasons that will make your purchases budget-friendly and keep you coming back for more
• Comprehensive Categories - like sort by Colours, Sleeve Length, Range, Dress Type, Price Range, etc. to really narrow down to a particular kind of dress you’re looking for
• Fashion with Integrity approach - which means a transparent, responsible and proactive approach to managing and minimizing the fashion industry’s impact on people, animals and the environment

Latest ASOS coupons & promo codes:-

Entrust Woocoupons to provide you with the best ASOS offers, discounts and deals. We endeavour to make your international shopping experience more classy by making it even more affordable :)

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