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The Swiggy Philosophy

In the not so distant but seemingly very olden times when the technology boom wasn’t very pertinent, when a person wanted to enjoy a delicious meal - he either had to rely on the recommendations of individuals who had completely different taste buds than him, or he had to invest significant time and energy in sampling several restaurants himself physically to find his ultimate food destination.

Swiggy was inspired by the thought of providing a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighbourhood restaurants to the urban foodie. They endeavoured to create a single window for ordering from a wide range of choices.

No more having the hassle to wait for a seat, wait on the waiter, or waiting for the event wherein time seems to tick at a snail’s pace - when your food actually arrived.

Hence, they partnered with several restaurants and food chains - however big or small, to cater to the needs of every individual. Be it a working class man looking for budget yet nutritious options or a host aiming to throw a memorable party with fancy appetizers.

Swiggy has been excellent in their passion and execution of the idea that a singular individual, a family or even the entire office - need not worry about feeding themselves, at any given time. As such, they can focus their energies on more important issues, while getting delectable food served right to their doorsteps.


What makes Swiggy so popular and efficient?

  • They have their own exclusive fleet of delivery personnel to pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to customers. A service specifically dedicated to food delivery is bound to be more committed to customer service.
  • Having their own fleet gives them the flexibility to offer customers a no minimum order policy on any restaurant and accept online payments for all partner restaurants that they work with.
  • Their delivery personnel carry one order at a time which ensures they get reliable and fast deliveries.
  • Lucrative deals and coupons always available for both new and loyal customers.

So be sure to choose Swiggy for the best food delivery experience, and Woocoupons for hottest Swiggy offers. You are bound to be satisfied :)


About Swiggy

With the advent of the internet and the service providers of our nation making the cost per GB the least in the entire world, there has been a natural boom in online delivery services. Items such as electronics, accessories are easier to deliver as they are free from time constraints. As such, it is a major challenge to deliver food items reliably, on time, and above all in a hot and pristine state. The Swiggy team realized these challenges early and resolved to face them head on. The result? They are now the biggest, baddest, most efficient online delivery services in the country. Want your food delivered fast, steaming and delicious? Swiggy is your go-to option. Want to earn coupons and rewards while comfortably waiting at home to get your favourite meals delivered right to your doorsteps? Trust in Swiggy to never disappoint you :) Want an easy, hassle-free dining experience while you get to choose from a ton of food items & restaurants? You guessed it, Swiggy is the answer!
Latest Swiggy Coupons:-
Trust in Woocoupons to be the perfect middleman in providing you the best Swiggy deals/offers/coupons from Swiggy. For us, the customer is king :)
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